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A Reclaimation of Cyclical Wisdom + Relation to the Elemental World

12 Week Workshop for Women + Womb-Bearers




Uncovering what has already been here all along. 

Guided by the bodies innate cyclical wisdom, the four elements, and the spiritual heart.

You are invited on this journey to deepen your relationships with All of Life. 

Beginning with your very own body, your womb,

your blood and bones,

your voice,

and deeper still,

to your dreams, songs, and sense of belonging in this living world

of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Plant, Animal, and that Unnamable Pulsing Force that animates it all. 

This is a space to hold it all.  

Within community,

Encouraging your sovereignty, your freedom,

your deeply expressed and lived life. 


You are Invited to  remember.

Pink Flower

Womb Sovereignty
& In Depth Female Health Education

Reclaim, De-Mystify, and Actualize a deep understanding of your own cyclical body.

This first pillar of this 10 week journey is a deep dive into radical female health education, fertility awareness, menstruation as ritual, the Blood Mysteries, being well-nourished, cycle syncing, unpacking birth control and so much more...

Green Forest

Ancestral Arts, Restoring Relationships, and Gathering Community

Guided by the elements, we will explore our relationships to all life on this planet.

We will be diving into a communal grief, rage, dream, and song ritual, creating weekly spaces to commune with the elements and one another. 

Some highlights include learning friction by fire, archery intensive, pine needle basket weaving, and more. 

Black Sky

"At first, it was an edge to reclaim my power. To acknowledge that I had been putting my health in the hands of others. Releasing the story that I was not capable of understanding my body was difficult. Over the days, with knowledge and trust gained, I witnessed my sovereignty return. I felt my connection with the Earth and elements deepen each week, and I have cultivated daily habits that better support my relationship with the Earth. I feel a sense of belonging and renewed sense of responsibility. I feel the sweetness of presence, and reconnected with my soul's purpose." -Ali

12 Week Journey beginning on the Fall Equinox

11 In-Person Circles for Teaching, Ritual, + Circling

Weekly + Daily Practices, Journalling + Reading

Online Portal with Guest Teachers and Speakers and In-Person Guest Teachers

4 Modules Guided by the Elements + Integration Spaces

A Community of Females to Journey + Deeply Connect To

Recipe Book, Guided Practices, Embodied Lifestyle Challenge Weeks  + More...

2 Day All-Inclusive Collobrative Retreat in Nevada City, CA

Herbal Self-Care + Wellness Package 

Recorded Online Practices for Home Study

1:1 Sessions for Additional Support + Exploration of Cyclical Literacy  

Dark tone color. Close up Child hand carry black and organic soil. Concept earth day..jpg


Our Earth-The Body

Foundation + Roots


-Fertility Awareness Method 101 & Charting

-Cycle Syncing + Hormone Health

-Nutrition + Self Care

-Rooting through Routine

-Re-Storying our Relationships to Food, Plants, and Earth

-Clay, Sand, Water: Cob Building Ceremony

The Modules


Waters of Life-The Womb

Connection + Consecration

-The Blood Mysteries + Womb Cosmology

-Blood Ritual + Reclamation

-Bye-Bye Birth Control+ Unpacking Hormone Imbalance

-Deep Waters: Communal Grief Ritual

-Yoni Steaming, Plant Allies 101 + Ceremony 

ritual candle, Varanasi, India.jpg


The Inner Flame-Our Spirit

Inspiration + Vision

-Creativity + Living through Purpose

-Hormone Cleanse & Reset

-Holy Rage: Embodiment Journey

-Transmutation + Discipline

-Daily Practice Challenge

-Decoding + Reclaiming our Pleasure & Sexuality

-Courting Fire by Friction 


Our Winds- Breath + Song 

Remembrance + Embodiment

-Liberating the Voice through Song, Story, and Truth
-Know Thyself + Offer Thyself 

-I Am Worthy: Activating Our Gifts

-Breathe: To Purify + Awaken

-Teaching of the Three Gunas:

Our Spiritual Compass

-Renewed + Guided: A Weekend Retreat

leafs blown by wind in misty forest.jpg

Details, Schedule, + Location

We will journey for 2 full cycles of the moon... beginning with the week of the Autumn Equinox and setting our roots as we journey towards the depths of Winter.

Dates and Times:

Fall Cohort of Remember 2024

September 22nd-December 21st

September 22

September 29

October 6

October 13

Integration Week/No Meeting October 20

October 27

November 3

November 10

November 17

November 24

Integration Week/No Meeting Dec 1

December 8

December 15

December 20-21 Closing Retreat in Nevada City


Sunday's 10 AM-1:30PM 


The Studio at River School Farm, tucked right against the Truckee River in North West Reno



Hunter Creek under bridge.jpg
Amphitheater with flowers.jpg

This journey will give you the tools to... 

  • Know + Trust your rhythms and cycle to live in deep harmony and power

  • Begin to heal painful periods, PMS symptoms, irregular cycles, and balance your hormones

  • Understand your endocrine system and cycle in a comprehensive holistic way 

  • Be inspired in the kitchen to nourish yourself with ease and celebration

  • Witness + strengthen your authentic voice + gifts

  • Introduction to FAM & Practice Charting your Cycle

  • Cultivate deep + meaningful connections within our community

  • Enrich your life with daily ritual, prayer, practice, + reflection

  • Live with deeper contentment, purpose, and wonder

  • Restore reciprocal relationships to the natural world 

  • Deepen relationships with our local plants, soils, waters, and sky

  • Liberate from shame and disempowering cultural/family conditionings 

  • Remember who you are, reconnect to your sense of belonging, wholeness, and beauty

  • Reclaim what a deeply satisfying and fulfilling life is on your own terms

  • And so much more that neither of us can predict or imagine...

exchange + commitment  

The exchange for the course is $1200

This can be split into a payment plan of 4 payments of $300 over the course of 4 months, or custom payment plans are available if needed.

-Early bird pricing of $1000 is available for the first 4 to sign up-

There is 1 Full Scholarship available for those who feel money is the true obstacle to this kind of space, priority to mothers, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other kin who experience systemic inequality, racism, and general inaccessibility to these spaces. 

If you are in this category, you can apply for the scholarship here.

This price includes:

  • 11 in person circles for teaching, ritual, and community

  • 3 day, 2 night all-inclusive retreat with 3 organic meals a day in a beautiful farm-house in Nevada City

  • Fire by Friction workshop

  • "I Am Nourished" Cookbook with recipes to cater to your whole cycle

  • Daily Reflective Guided Journal

  • Herbal Self-Care + Wellness Package

  • One  1:1 Session with Kayla for personal support + exploration 

  • Online Portal with Guest Teachers,  Recorded Weekly Practices, Journal Prompts, and More

  • Supportive WhatsApp Group to stay connected, supported,  and accountable during the week

Please go through the dates listed up above and read through the program and some of the FAQ's to get a feel of what is expected during these 10 weeks and if you feel a deep full bodied yes to this journey, thank you, apply below. 


Leaf Pattern Design


During the 12 weeks, Kayla laid the foundation for accountability and gently nudged us all to expand our edges. It was the perfect combination of masculine structure and feminine creative flow.  I walked away from these 12 weeks changed in many ways but the biggest was minimizing endometriosis symptoms. I feel medically empowered to go forward and continue to live a cyclical lifestyle that supports my endocrine system!"

Leaf Pattern Design


"Truly in awe of Kayla & this program. It has changed my life. Coming home to my earth body through many different practices & tools that I will treasure always. Through Remember, I have uprooted old ways of believing that we’re not serving me connected to my cycle. I have learned so much more than ever before about the nature of my cyclical body & how to shift my lifestyle choices to honor it. I have dove deep into emotional processes to understand myself better in a desire to truly know myself. 

Leaf Pattern Design


Remember means everything to me, as it was truly life changing. From learning more about ancestral knowledge, to exploring the history of how we connect with the elements, to cultivating a daily practice, the knowledge I gained is priceless to me. It was shocking to learn how little I knew about my body, my spirituality, and my history. But through this program, the intimidation turned into inspiration that was hard to ignore. I now have habits I learned in this program I use every day.

  • How much time commitment each week will this program ask for?
    ~ 3 hours of in-person circling each week, as well as daily practices and invitations that will probably ask from you ~ 2 hours a day, daily. We will be exploring many areas of our human experience, and to get the most from this space, you will need to create space for it. This often requires us to look at our addictions to distractions and our habits, which can give space for a life we more truly want to live.
  • What if I have to miss a lot of the circles? Can I still participate?
    If you need to miss more than 3 of the circles, it is more of a service to you and the group as a whole if you instead sign up for the program another time when you have more space and are willing to make more space for this type of program.
  • What are the details of the retreat?
    We will be co-creating a beautiful 2 day retreat together, tucked away in a beautiful piece of land and large cabin in Nevada City. The retreat includes 3 beautiful organic meals a day, a room, and a profoundly transformative 2 days on the land to honor the culmination of our time together!
  • What if I am entering peri-menopause? Can I still join?
    Yes! Whenever this kind of information finds you (and the inspiration to dive into it) I trust that it's the right time. It's never too late to begin supporting our hormones, and much of what we will be diving into will offer benefit to the transition between peri-menopause and menopause.
  • Why is there a supplemental online course aspect to this? Why not just all in person?
    The gift of the internet is being able to make information more readily available. Many teachers I have been blessed with throughout the years will be able to drop in with us from the comfort of where they live and be able to share insightful and meaningful information online! It will also serve as a space to continue to dive into more content and take things deeper than only our weekend gatherings alone. We will be using Podia as our platform.
  • Is this a female only space? Can I join if I don't identify as a woman?
    Yes, a main pillar of this journey is centered around female biology, endocrine system, womb lore, and embodiment. All open minded female bodies are welcome in this space. While this space does value the words woman, mother, and sister, it also deeply values the diverse experiences of our community, and will practice languaging that is most accurate, and offers belonging for all of us depending on what is most appropriate and representative for our group.
  • Can you break down the price for me? Transparency is important to me.
    I value transparency, it makes things makes sense for me, too. Many things are hard to truly value, but our Western mind can sometimes need the support of logic to really compute a full body yes to something! I have increased the price of this program since the first cohort for many reasons, the main ones being this round I am not able to host on the land I live in, and will be renting a space in town. I also am having to outsource a retreat space(instead of hosting it where I live) which is no small cost. So, here you go. For that logical part of you that is convincing you this is over-priced or not worth it. I aim to make these spaces accessible, and I think it's hard for folks to understand what goes in on the back end of things. Let's normalize actually giving people an insight into what things cost... $1200 Tuition Broken Down ~$350-400-Lodging and 3 Organic Meals a day at our 3 day, 2 night all inclusive retreat ~$120 on all supplies, including cyclical herbal wellness package, your physical copies of the cookbook and reflective cyclical journal made for the course ~7% ($90) contributed in towards renting out a space to gather in for 9 weeks ~$300-$500 30 hours of live, in person teachings, ritual, and containers that are fair-priced around ~$40-60 a circle Total: $860-$1110 Other Costs Paying ~10 guest teachers to share their voices and gifts in the program ~Varied Prices from $150-$1000 (not including me) Back-end costs of having the online platform~ ($5) 200+ Hours of Work Bringing the Program, Retreat, and Platforms Forward to You ~$100 contribution Total: $960-$1,200 Many offerings of this nature happen ONLINE and are easily double the cost of what is being asked here. I believe in the power of in-person spaces and creating accesible spaces, while also having a very realistic understanding of what they cost to run in our late-stage capitalistic society! I have custom payment plans and, if there is a sincere interest, usually can find ways to work with you if you want to be in this program.
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