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Hi, I’m Kayla! 

I am a writer, a story-teller, a farmer, a bread baker, a seed-keeper, a creative, a visionary, a guide, a lover of life and a life-long learner and dreamer. 

I am here to bring people closer to themselves, each other, and the natural world in a ever-renewed spirit of purpose, reciprocity, and remembrance. 

I create and offer circles, programs, and one on one containers rooted in this vision. 


I am the Seed Keeper and Founder of Sister Sanctuary in Northern Nevada, a space for women, menstruating people, and femme identifying folks to come more deeply into their own voice and power, cultivate community, and receive womb and hormonal education. These are shared combining my lived experience in a womb-bearing body with deep dive trainings and initiations into the blood mysteries and red tent facilitation.  


I also guide and teach various series of evolving workshops, courses, and immersions. 

These all aim towards self-realization, skillful living, community regeneration, re-connection with our primitive and wild hearts, and cultivating our lives into something that deeply fulfills, inspires, humbles, and serves all of life.

These containers are the synthesis and  culmination of my in depth practice and study over nearly 10 years of Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Song, Ritual, Shadow Work, Trauma-work, End of Life Care, Regenerative Farming, Travel,  Re-wilding, the Wim Hoff Method, Council Sharing, Biology, and Health/Nutrition.


I am a 6th generation Nevadan, living on occupied Northern Paiute and Washoe Communities Land.  I grew up in the expanse of the desert, with the sand, stone, sage, juniper, rabbit, and coyote kin.

Growing up in the swirl of drug addiction, divorce, and mental illness, from a young age I had questions and a yearning for belonging and community. I also was broken open to the suffering of those closest to me, with a yearning to understand and to serve the processes of human beings that can be so intense and hard to face when we are alone. 

I cultivated my mental discipline and edges, and body-connection/reverance through a long journey playing soccer at the Elite Club National Team level, aspiring for division I collegiate athletics and traveling the country for 8 years, deeply committed to daily training, conditioning, and playing.


Nothing lined up the way I expected, by the end I was depressed, anxious, physically injured and worn out,  and I chose to take a different path.. filled with questions and longing, guided by grace, at the age of 20 I left for India. 

The next 5 years I devoted myself to spiritual cultivation, self-study, community learning, re-connection to the elements, deep forgiveness  body healing, and remembering why the fu*k I am even alive in the first place! 

Now, I am nestled in and offering my services, heart and hands back in Northern Nevada. I live in community right where the desert meets the forest with my beloved partner Zach, in a simple and sweet wooden tiny house that faces the rising sun.

I have a big wild heart, and a fierce inspiration to continue to serve ever and ever more fully with all I have been given and all that Spirit beckons of me..

I am just getting started. 


My Qualifications + Influences

Vedic Sciences 

-900-Hour Classical Yoga TTC through Shri Yogendraji’s Ashram (Bombay, India)

-200-Hour Yoga Alliance Hatha Yoga TTC through Sattva Sanctuary (Reno, NV)

-Pranyama & The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 21-Day Intensive with Dr. Nagaraj (Mysore, India)

-Quality Control of India Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance

Slow Food Movement + Regenerative Agriculture

- Regenerative Farmer at Prema Farm for 2.5 years (Chilcoot, CA)

-Artisan Baking with Organic + Ancient Grains for Farmers Markets with our company, Beloved's Bread (Reno, NV)

-Seed Seva Course with Rowen White

Meditation + Self-Inquiry 

-500 + Hours of Silent Meditation at Nilambe Meditation Center (Sri Lanka)

-Somatic Meditation 10-Week Intensive through Reggie Ray & Dharma Ocean

Other Inspiration

-Fundamentals Course with Wim Hoff + 2.5 Years Practice of WHM

-70+ Credits in Bachelor of Science in Biology 

Body Work + Dance

-Level I, II, + III Thai Massage Certification through ITM (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

-Circus Instruction and Performance (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

-Hoop Instructor and Performer at Acro Enso  (Reno, NV)

-Tahoe Fire Dancers + Fire Conclave Burning Man 

Womb +
Circle Work 

-Red Tent Facilitation Course with Threaded Red

-Sister Sanctuary Seed Keeper since 2020

-Sovereign Cycles with Qiddist Ashe 2022

-The Womb Room 2022 

-Coming Together and The Well Fucked Woman Courses through Kim Anami 2018

-FAM Fundamentals 2021



Shadow on Concrete Wall

Ali, Reno NV.

I absolutely adore your leadership style. Your softness and ability to gently lead others is absolutely amazing. You lead as a beacon.  I never felt pressure from you in the same way I have felt from other role models and authoritative figures. You allowed me to show up to this space as my true self, even if it meant I was five minutes late at least once a week. Your gentle reminders were never critical of myself or a direct action of mine, but always reminders of principles we are aiming to live by...

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Morgan, Reno NV

Without judgment we created a container of radical healing that allowed for life changing experiences to take place. I have gained so much knowledge and insight into a wonderful way of being and seeing that my perspectives have shifted. I built a solid foundation of devotion to myself, to spirit, and to serve with a open and loving heart. The work asks that we show up with honest vulnerability. Your edges will be found and pushed but when you look up after crying to a room full of the kindest warmhearted eyes and you know that you are safe and held there is nothing that can hold us back from living a connected existence

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Thank you for having a profoundly positive impact on me here in Reno when I was feeling alone, confused, broken and questioning whether this was my place. thank you for reminding me there are beautiful souls here and instilling community into my here and now.  Kayla thank you for fully showing up, every single day,  for staying committed, and for going all in.

I felt really seen and heard  by you Kayla, thank you for your one- on- one check ins and sweet gentle gestures of love & support, they were well received and impactful.

Regan, Reno NV.

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