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1:1 Opportunities

The word for meditation in the language of the Buddha is "bhavana" which literally translates to "cultivating". 

Like a farmer tends to his land and grows food, flowers, and medicines... so we as human beings have the capacity to shape our inner world through certain skills, daily tending and awareness. 

Within us, we can come to find there is rich, fertile soil... Capable, tremendous, life-giving and life-feeding.


 We can also see weeds that need pulling and we can direct our awareness toward watering the seeds we plant and wish to bloom within our lives, and as we shine the light of our awareness, slowly...

we can watch within our own lives the beauty that is within us/is us begin to bloom... 

Guided by daily practice, honest reflection and sharing, the elements and their wisdom, and intuitive guidance... being in the 1:1 container together will be a cultivation of the inner and outer world and aimed towards the highest aim of human experience: knowing ourselves, and actualizing that knowing into the world. 

These containers will be set for a duration of 3-6 months based on your intentions and desires. 1:1 containers will be virtual only, with potential for in-person immersions as well.

If you are curious and have any questions or wanting to work with me, send me a message  in the contact tab and we will set up a call together. 

If you are wanting to work one on one in solely cultivating a personal yoga practice-- find more information 

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