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Coming Home

An 8-Week Journey & Yoga Intensive

8 weeks of cultivating a daily practice, participating in transformative and uplifting community circles, and a meaningful exploration of balance, purpose, and who we truly are. 

For those who are yearning for a deeper experience of stability,  peace, clarity, connection, and wholeness in their lives, this is for you. 

For those who feel drawn to yoga and want to have the skills to guide themselves through a daily practice, not only physical postures but also through breath and meditation techniques with skill and clarity, this is for you

For those yearning for an authentic, safe community of friends to walk beside, to have a circle that shares and uplifts, and who are beacons of support, comfort, and inspiration through our intimate explorations and experiences of life, and being human, this is is for you.

For those yearning for more rejuvenation, rest, simplicity, and meaningful experiences to in their life, this is for you. 

For those yearning to explore and know themselves more fully, to realize their innate beauty and power, and who yearn for a skillful means in cultivating their inner and outer worlds, this is for you. 


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Image by Olga Thelavart

What these 8 weeks will offer you…

  • The chance to confidently learn the ins and outs of a Hatha Yoga Asana sequence, a multitude of Breath Exercises and Meditation Techniques which you will be able to confidently lead yourself through. 


  • The opportunity to have a retreat and yoga training experience without being forced to stop all other components of your life, travel abroad, or pay thousands of dollars. 


  • An Introduction to Yogic Philosophy & A Shared Group Reading of one of the most beloved spiritual texts of India: The Bhagavad Gita


  • A chance to cleanse, reset the system, and cultivate balance and vitality through an optional Liver and Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse


  • An uplifting and authentic community to journey with, into the depths of stillness, into our raw and messy shared humanity, and into our spiritual heart


  • 8 Sunday’s of Practice, Reflective Wisdom Circles, Heart Sharing, and Community Ceremony that uplifts and enriches our lives deeply.


  • A 3-day Silent Meditation Retreat in nature with food, venue, and accommodation included!


  • An Informative Coursebook on practices, techniques, and philosophy as well as a custom daily reflective journal for your use in the course. One that asks questions and allows you space to reflect, integrate, and remember all that we do each day. 


  • An opportunity to care for yourself in a profoundly intimate and tender way that will trickle into the rest of your life, relationships, and life experience. 


  • Quiet time to reflect on your life, reinvigorate yourself and your purpose, and get clarity with your priorities, needs, and path

  • A time of encouraged rest, balance, and harmony with our lives.  


  • Ultimately, the opportunity to place our destiny in our own hands, to realize who we are, and to know our innate Fullness, Beauty, and Vastness

  • And so much more...

Application, Exchange, & Scholarship Opportunity


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